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Where Genius Thrives!

We are so happy to have you join us this year!


This is our second year working with Barack Obama School of Leadership and STEM  Michelle Obama School of Technology and the ARTS and we cannot wait to meet you all!

We know the brilliance, creativity and knowledge you already have makes you a great leader and we are ready to learn more! 

Instructions: Please choose a group based on the categories below.


Press the Zoom link to join. If the group you want is full, please join another, they are all great!

This category will feature digital technologies such as podcasting and videography to engage students in storytelling methods. Students will have the opportunity to consider what stories they want to tell about themselves, their communities and their family while reflecting on how important they are to each of these groups. These activities center innovation and communication skills as resources for our collective communities.

Click one of the links below to join.

Group 1: Videography

Group 2: Podcasting

This category will feature art making through beat-making and collaging (mixing images together for a final art work). Students will have the opportunity to use technology to create something to remember about themselves and their importance in the community that looks and sounds as creative as they are. These groups center teamwork, listening and accountability as core qualities of leadership.

Click one of the links below to join.

Group 3: Beat-Making

Group 4: Art Making

This category will put into motion ways students can activate their energy! Students will have the opportunity to create and perform choreography as well as learn new ways to use movement in their everyday life. These groups will feature dance and other forms of movement to connect movement with knowledge and embrace self-confidence and creative expression.

Click one of the links below to join.

Group 5: Body Poetry

Group 6: Flow Dance

This category will feature performance arts such as theatre and poetry to cultivate skills such as writing, speaking and other forms of communication such as yoga. Students will have the opportunity to write and perform as well as learn new creative techniques and expand creative knowledge they already have. These groups center leadership skills such as communicating important ideas about yourself and others.

Click one of the links below to join.

Group 7: Theatre

Group 8: Yoga and Poetry

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