You can do SOLHOT in a lot of ways:

There's analog SOLHOT, where we meet physically face to face, heart to heart, and hand to hand, to discuss issues that are important to us and strategize together on ways we can make this world better for everyone! analog SOLHOT is located in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Expect analog SOLHOT in more places, very soon.

There's intentional SOLHOT, where you can do SOLHOT when you, smack your lips, give freely, take whats yours, rap and write, make a friend and go together; when you dream, set goals, take control, think critically, put yourself out there, and speak up for yourself; when you’re loud, quiet, taking care; and DEFINITELY when you tell your own truth. whenever you use your voice, art, dance, ideas, and spirit toward the collective benefit of Black girls everywhere, thats solhot!   

There's digital SOLHOT, where you can down/up load Black girlhood celebration through the music and multi media ritual experience that is, We Levitate

In every SOLHOT space, WE ARE about respecting Black girls' positions, honoring their ideas, accepting their experiences, and doing something to hold space where we can be together as we desire.  

You do SOLHOT when you acknowledge that Black girl walk between master-teacher and willing student.  You do SOLHOT when you care enough to bring snack for everyone.  You do SOLHOT when you are prepared to be checked, check in, and check on a homegirl/girl without excuse and with love.  You do SOLHOT when you love Black girls and care so much about us, you are transformed. 

You can do SOLHOT anywhere—as long as you DO it!