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Homemade With Love: More Living Room

Curated by Blair Ebony Smith, Homemade visualize and sound Black everyday life, celebration, and interiority with Black girlhood and feminist poetics, art, and collective care in mind. This exhibition challenges us to demand and co-create just worlds of celebration made and created by and for Black girls, women, and femmes. Krannert Art Museum. (August 2020-July 2021).

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Black Girls Are Forever!

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Curated by Blair Ebony Smith with Ruth Nicole Brown, Jessica Robinson, Yvette Mayorga, Christopher Smith (photography), Jayda Denise (Black Girl Film School), Sheri Lewis (MELT Magazine), Tiye Johnson, Mother Nature, Ausar, Ro, Jovan Landry, Spring Valley High School (SC), Dent Middle School (SC), Long Leaf Middle School (SC), Metcalfe Community School (Chicago), District 163 Michelle Obama Middle School and Barack Obama Middle School (Chicago Heights). Krannert Art Museum. (October 2019). 

Necessary Truths: Reflections of African American Girlhood



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Photography exhibit curated by Claudine Taaffe, Ruth Nicole Brown, Dominique Hill and African American middle school girls in SOLHOT. Krannert Art Museum. Champaign, IL (February 2009).

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